Russian Emirates # 15 (September - October 2006) - page 10

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latest Government decrees, traffic rules and
fines, property market development andmany
other different topics to keep you updated on the
happenings in UAE everyday life.
Business & Politics
Life Style
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Team participated in the Championship
of fights without rules in Krasnodar
(Russia). The trip had been held under
the sponsorship of Creative Concepts
Real Estate (Dubai)
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The “theatre” became a very
common word in the UAE. The
recent concert tour of the world
famous Obraztsov Puppet Theatre
from Moscow and upcoming
performances of Rostov State Opera
Theatre with Puccini’s Madam
Butterfly just prove it once again.
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/ by Tatyana Peschanskaya /
Sapphire blue Indian Ocean, exotic
flora & fauna, the mystic disappearance
of dodo beards…Magnificent Mauritius
Island is among the most popular tourist
destinations. Why? Discover with us!
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Exclusive / by Elena Olkhovskaya
& Irina Ivanova /
Dubai is a well known place, where the
cultures and heritage of different parts of the
world come together. We are all witnesses of
the new dialect of English birth here. Some
people had already given it a title. Dinglish!
What? Try to find out.
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/ by Victor Lebedev /
Some archeological sites in
Abu Dhabi give us prove of
early civilizations at the Arabian
Peninsula. Our special reporter
went to see the first Bedouin
tribal settlements.
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New coupe BMW 3 series is
presented in the UAE. Beautiful and
powerful vehicle is now available for real
car-lovers. The Office World company
offers its new collection of office
furniture and provides with some tips
of modern office. Renowned Jewellery
House Van Cleef and Arpels open its
new boutique in Abu Dhabi.
Travel Feature
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/ by Janna Fabrikova /
The story of Odessa, one of
the most beautiful cities in
Ukraine. Touching memories
from the author’s childhood,
some drops of nostalgia and a
lot of love to the native city.
Sport News
Market News
Travel Feature
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