About HTML5 publications with FlippingBook

When it comes to displaying documents, especially important ones, like sales catalogs or marketing materials, PDF isnít the best choice. HTML5 beats it on every level: itís web-friendly, it doesnít require downloading, itís interactive.

FlippingBook is a tool for fast and easy conversion of . It doesnít require any coding to create your own HTML5 publication: the software takes a PDF and gives back a link to the ready publication.

HTML5 publications have better navigation: interactive table of contents and text search. This allows to find important information in a matter of seconds.

HTML5 is supported by all popular browsers and mobile devices. Wherever your viewer opens the publication, theyíll be able to read it without any problems.

Finally, HTML5 allows you not only use images and texts, but videos and pop-ups too. And varied content means deeper engagement.