Russian Emirates # 01 (May-June 2004) - page 3

№1 (1) весна 2004
ear readers: residents and quests of the
United Arab Emirates! Thanks to our well-
Emirates"(, we know many of you
Recently the web-site has celebrated its third
anniversary and on this occasion we are delight-
ed to introduce to our esteemed visitors a new
magazine "Russian Emirates".
This magazine is designed for those who care
about present and future; it contains a lot of up-to-
date information, which will help people to adopt
themselves in another environment, in foreign
country with different laws and regulations, differ-
ent life style and culture.
We congratulate you with the opportunity to com-
municate not only on our favorite forum of web-
site Russian Emirates, and discuss various top-
ics and view photo-galleries, but we have
extended this communication opportunity on the
pages of our magazine "Russian Emirates". We
do hope that our new publication will become
useful, favorite, supportive and it will surprise
you as well.
Now useful telephone directory, so called "yellow
pages" will always be at your hand, and all you
need is - just open the magazine on the right
Our continual columns will inform you about the
latest and the most interesting news in the world
of tourism, business, politics, advertisement, and
other spheres, they will introduce interesting peo-
ple to you, give facts and describe the most
beautiful sites of the Arab Emirates, as well as.
Dear readers, we will be happy to receive your
letters, where you express your wishes, sugges-
tions and fantasies, also it's a pleasure for us to
be at your service and answer your questions,.
We would like to know your vision of the maga-
zine. With your help and support we can make
our magazine a popular one, informative and an
up-to-date resource with useful contents and the
biggest number of readers.
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