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Russian Emirates company team would like to express their deepest regrets over the
passing away of the leader who had inspired not only those who were fortunate
enough to count him as friend, but by all who care about the future of the UAE. As
expatriates, those of us who have been privileged to work in the United Arab Emirates
for a number of years, we know exactly what His Highness President Shaikh Zayed
Bin Sultan Al Nahyan meant to his own people, the people of the region and those
further afield.
Nowadays there are ample opportunities for doing business in the UAE. At the pres-
ent time the UAE economy, especially the rapidly evolving real estate market is
booming. And in such situation truthful upright information is the most necessary
resource able to save your time and money. Our November Edition is covering all the
burning issues of the year. Joining us you'll get the latest news of the market, look
into all diversity of industry, services, shops and entertainment provided in Emirates
revealing the best way of life.
The new composition of the magazine consists of three parts containing Business
and Entertainment section, Tourist Guide and Properties Review. In which hotel to
stay? Which restaurant to choose? Where to buy a house? How to relax? The
answers to all these questions you will find in our 4th issue.
Enjoy the reading!
Dear Friends!
Cover Photo:
Mike Krouzov
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"Russian Emirates"
¹4, November 2004
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Elena Balina, Dmitriy Kuznetsov, Michael Krouzov
Dubai Printing Press
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The edition is registered in the Minisrty of Press and Mass Communications of the
Russian Federation
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