Russian Emirates # 14 (Jule - August 2006) - page 10

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We were pleased to celebrate National Day of the Republic
of Azerbaijan at 28May, 2006 and National Day of
Russian Federation at 12, June, 2006 together with all
citizens of these countries. Gala receptions had been
held in Abu Dhabi by Embassies of Russia &Azerbaijan
to the UAE. Top UAE officials, VIP-guests, media
representatives and respective business community were
invited to celebrate these special occasions.
Business & Politics
Life Style
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Russian-Emirates Business Council held
its first meeting in Dubai at the UAE
Federation of Chambers of Commerce
& Industry. The Council was established
to stronger further economic relations
between Russian Federation and the UAE.
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In Brief
: latest events in
the UAE. Dubai-based
Martial Art Academy Team
participated in the World
Championship of Thai-boxing
in Thailand. Marhaba Service
meets & assists at the Dubai
International Airport.
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Two impressive exhibitions of Russian artists
Andrey Noda and Alissa Evsyukova in Dubai,
a concert of classic music done by Russian Folk
Quartet are to prove the strength and desire
to proper settlement of Russian community in
the UAE.
Our Specials:
An exclusive interview
with popular Russian singer Grigory Leps and
report of Children Dancing troupe “Smile”.
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Exclusive submarines designer
& constructor captain Harvey
Jobert reveals concerning his
Exomos Company in Jebel
Ali Free Zone and unique
opportunities of submarine
diving experience.
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/ by Victor Lebedev /
Open Talk:
Life & style of
foreign wives from Russia,
Europe and other parts of the
world in the UAE families. Is it
so complicated to be married to a
Point Out:
Dress-code is
something to follow and not to avoid.
Main rules and guide-lines for those,
who want to be dressed well at any
History of platinum
jewellery is in focus. Charm & style
of Ekaterina Zakharova fashion cloth
is now in Dubai. Hot fashion trends
of this summer.
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Mohidin Bin Hendi, a founder
and president of UAE-based
Bin Hendi Group, with an
interview to our magazine. All
establishments and companies
within Bin Hendi Group
provide their best offers to our
respective readers.
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