Russian Emirates # 14 (Jule - August 2006) - page 11

Property Review & UAE Guide
Property Review
UAE Guide
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/ by Alyona Balina /
Our reporter went to
Umm-Al-Quwain to
find the best place for
crab hunting and came
back with “True notes
of a brave crab hunter”.
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Interview with Ali Al Khudairi, CEO of
Tameer: The main developments of the
company and vision of the nearest future.
General property review
and some analy-
sis, provided by leading developers and
market experts, such as Emaar, Rustar, Al
Fajer and Habiba Real Estate Agencies.
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/ by Victor Lebedev /
Smoking habits in the
UAE were discovered by
our features writer.
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Here you can find
summer promotions
from different
restaurants located in
Dubai hotels, as well
as a special summer
offers from selective
Spa around the city.
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This chapter describes the
agenda of exhibitions, fairs,
concerts, shows, promos and
draws, and many other festival
events during Dubai Summer
Surprises 2006. DSS’2006 – Big
Fun For Little Ones.
UAE guide
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Special Report:
Murrai, translator of Dubai
Courts, talks about the first
secondary school in Dubai.
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/ by Elena Olkhovskaya /
It’s a matter of choice where
to go for shopping. There are
some tips for nagging shoppers
and for those, who what to buy
a proper staff for less or selec-
tive goods with a minimum
time spends.
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Dreamland Aqua park in
Umm-Al-Quwain to offer an
excellent week-end for real
nature lovers. Fully equipped
tents and bungalows, barbecue
and belly-dancing at night is
an outstanding experience for
those, who live and work in
megapolice, like Dubai.
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